NAMI Family-to-Family Course

A free 12-week course, Family-To-Family, helps families of persons living with mental health disorders learn about serious mental health disorders – what they are and how they’re diagnosed and treated. It also helps families better understand how their ill relative experiences their illness, how to best support their relative’s recovery process and how to better cope with the impact of the mental health disorder on the entire family.  The courses are taught by specially trained and NAMI certified family members who have dealt with all the issues around mental health disorders in their own families. Past participants have found the program invaluable in helping them understand mental health disorders, learning how they affect the individual who lives with them and their family, and also how to best support both the ill individual and themselves.

The course is recommended for families of persons who are living with known or suspected mental health disorders with or without co-occurring substance abuse disorders. The class was created by an experienced family member mental health professional and is taught by specially trained and certified teachers who are also experienced family members. This nationally recognized program has been included in the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the national Department of Health and Human Services) Registry of Evidence Based Practices. For more information or to register, contact Family Advocate Ramona Winner: 884-8440, Ext. 3206.

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Monthly Speaker Meetings

These meetings feature a local or regional expert speaker on some aspect of mental health designed to be of specific interest to people living with mental health disorders and their families. Typically, the meetings include a 30-45 minute presentation by the guest speaker followed by a Q and A session of similar length. Meetings are open to the public and takes place on the 4th Thursday evening each month (except Aug. Nov. & Dec) in the Fellowship Club, first floor of Mental Wellness Center, 617 Garden St. Santa Barbara. The meetings begin with coffee and dessert social time from 6:30-7:00 pm with the presentation beginning at 7:00 pm and concluding at 8:30 pm.

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Family Member Educational Discussion Group

This group explores various issues and topics of interest to families of people living with mental health disorders, choosing a single specific topic for discussion each week. The group is facilitated by experienced family members who are also NAMI Certified Family to Family* Class Teachers. Each week’s discussion is guided by a handout of source materials which are briefly discussed by facilitators then followed by an open discussion among participants. The group meets from 7:00- 8:30 pm every Tuesday in the NAMI conference room on the second floor of the Mental Wellness Center, 617 Garden St. Santa Barbara. Weekly topics for each month are released the second week of the preceding month. 

Sessions are free and don’t require advanced registration. For more information, contact Tom Franklin.

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NAMI Peer to Peer Course

A free eight-week course, Peer to Peer helps adults who live with mental health disorders to learn about these conditions, treatment options, and how to build on one’s personal strengths and resilience to find a path to improved recovery and wellness. The course also explores how to build personal support networks, strengthen relationships and communication skills, learn relaxation techniques, and develop one’s own personal vision for recovery as well as a plan to achieve that vision.

The course is recommended for adults living with a known or suspected mental health condition with or without co-occurring substance use issues. The class embodies the latest techniques and philosophies of a “recovery” focused model of care and is taught by specially trained and certified teachers who themselves live with mental health conditions. For more information, contact Family Advocate Ramona Winner at the Mental Wellness Center 805-884-8440 ext. 3206.