Make a donation from Your California Income Tax Return to Support Police Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

CIT training is a nationally recognized 40 hour class designed to help improve law enforcement officers’ response to mental health crises. The program focuses on skills like improved communications and de-escalation techniques to obtain better outcomes (fewer arrests, less use of force, more people receiving treatment). NAMI California’s “Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund” allows you to make a contribution which will support CIT training statewide. While we have a robust CIT training program here in Santa Barbara Co. there are still agencies working in and around our county (CHP, some police depts.) which are training few or none of their officers. For Information or to make a donation, go to the contribution page on your CA Income Tax Return and check the box entitled “National Alliance on Mental Illness California Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund” or to the CA Franchise Tax Board website: