Mental Health Services Tips from Our Members, Readers and Community

California “Pre-Crisis Help Line – Website for this statewide resource is  Phone line: 1-887-541-2525; interested individuals can call, volunteer as a listener, or donate to the line. Thanks to Lyle Medved for forwarding this information.

New Tool for Disabled Individuals to Shelter Assets to Protect Public Benefits – CalAble allows indigent disabled persons to protect their public benefits while holding up to $100,000 for their benefit in a newly authorized type of special needs trust. For details, go to:  Thanks to NAMI member Susi Alexander for forwarding this information.

Supported Santa Barbara Housing Available – A family member of a person living with a mental health condition has purchased a home with space for her brother and four other persons living with mental health disorders. The home has a live-in attendant, provides three meals daily, use of kitchen, medication distribution, and is located on a large corner lot with lots of privacy for $2,500 a month. For more info, call The Sullivan House: 310-993-5447. Thanks to Family Advocate Ramona Winner for forwarding this information.

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