Fall NAMI Peer to Peer Class Planned

Graduates of NAMI’s Spring 2019 Peer to Peer class provide impressive evidence that it was useful in helping participants on their path to recovery: 

“I realize that my illness is real, but not my fault!.... I am in recovery at last.

“I am planning to use my smart goal worksheet on a weekly basis to track my progress and accomplishments.”

“The guest speaker opened my awareness to see that people w/mental illness can be functional and accomplish goals.”

“I can now reach out to others better.”

“I plan to get more exercise on a regular basis, eat vegetables more often, pray more, and work on relaxation techniques I learned.”

“When we shared our stories, I felt less alone in my mental health struggle.”

“The class leaders were challenging, communicative, astute – willing to self-share; aware, alert to participants – and friendly.”

The next eight-week Peer to Peer class is being planned for Fall, 2019, so if you are someone, or know someone living with a mental health condition who wants to understand their condition better and learn coping and/or recovery skills in a safe, friendly and supportive environment, this free course is for you!  For more information or to have your name placed on a list to be contacted when class forms, email George Kaufmann g.kaufmann@cox.netor call NAMI at the Mental Wellness Center: 805-884-8440 ext. 3206.