NAMI Santa Barbara Volunteer Coordinators Will be Calling You

Because your local NAMI has been growing, in membership, in programs and services we offer, and in community events and partnerships in which we participate, we desperately need more volunteers to help us meet all our commitments. For that reason, we now have two “volunteer coordinators” Tom Franklin, and Jason Lehman, (themselves both volunteers) who will be telephoning our members and supporters over the coming weeks in search of volunteers for nearly 20 tasks with which we need help. Many of these opportunities are for tasks taking only an hour or two per month, and a few require more time. We recognize that, for many of us, our ability to commit to volunteer work may be limited, sporadic and sometimes unpredictable - for that reason, we are trying to solicit multiple volunteers for each job, so that one person’s temporary absence won’t jeopardize our ability to complete the task. So, when either Tom or Jason calls, ask them about specific volunteer activities in which you might be interested. Thanks, in advance for helping your local NAMI. For more information, or to discuss the task list, contact Tom Franklin: