Our Local NAMI Completes Re-affiliation Process with NAMI National and NAMI CA

NAMI Southern Santa Barbara County received confirmation recently that its application for re-affiliation with our national and state organization has been approved.  This caps a two year long process during which our affiliate had to develop by-laws, obtain our own 501 c3 (non-profit org.) status as well as meet a number of other requirements set by the National NAMI Board to ensure that every NAMI affiliate meets the highest standards for conduct for non-profit organizations.  This process involved countless hours of work by local NAMI members, chiefly our Secretary, Cesli Vierra, by Mental Wellness Center Staff, including Ramona Winner and Pauline Keeble, and by our attorneys, Mullen & Henzell who provided their services at a much reduced rate.  All NAMI state and local affiliates must complete this process by December 31, 2018 or be dis-affiliated.  Completion of this process will ensure a strong and properly operated NAMI at the local, state and national levels.  The Mental Wellness Center will continue to both host our local NAMI, provide financial support, and we will continue to do joint fundraising.